It’s an absolute pleasure to welcome you, and introduce Botveu in our first blog post.

In this blog, we will be covering topics about the advances, applications, and impacts conversational AI has on our lives as consumers and business leaders. We will be documenting our experiences within this emerging field of technology and welcome you to join in the conversation as well. Whether questions, comments, or different positions from ours, we welcome the discussion.

Below is a summary of the blog topics you can expect from us. If you are interested in contributing, please write to us with your interest and story at [email protected]

  • Case Studies – Learn from others as we investigate challenges organizations faced and how they overcame them using AI technology.
  • Trends & Insights – Enrich your knowledge on new trends, challenges, and support shaping the dynamic AI community.
  • Experience & Design – Join the conversation or learn from best practices on user experience design for conversational interfaces.
  • Change Management – Learn to pioneer change within your organization or as a positive, outside influence to your client’s organizations through proven change management methods.
  • How-to & Guides – Let our experience be your guide as you explore your own conversational AI or chatbot builds. Use our guides, follow our how-to’s, and collaborate with others to accomplish higher results from your AI.
  • Botveu News – Stay informed on news and advances our organization is taking to advance our mission to help small businesses gain access to and grow their business with AI tools and digital strategy.┬á

We hope you find value in the posts to come and hopefully, also find some levity in our approach to such a positive advancement for our times in artificial intelligence. Aside from compiling this body of work for the betterment of the AI community, we also would like to learn more about your business challenges and goals unto how you are planning to use AI for your business.

Botveu is a consulting agency that specializes in using AI to drive improvements in customer-facing channels such as advertising, customer service, and research. Schedule an initial discovery call with us today as we open a conversation on the best-designed solution for your organization. You can also learn more about Our Services from our site.

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