Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions we hope we can clear up for you

What is a chatbot?

Think of a chatbot like an extension of your customer service, sales, and operations staff all wrapped into one. Oh, and they are available 24/7 meaning prospects and customers never go unanswered when they want to interact with your brand.

Will I be charged any additional customs fees?

We build all custom chatbots according to a mutually agreed statement of work. Any additions or customizations outside of this statement of work will be a separate charge.

What platforms do you develop your bots for?

We currently develop chatbots for Facebook Messenger, which allows your bot to be connected to your FB page, your website via chat plugin, and mobile devices with Messenger installed.

Are there any maintenance costs for the chatbot?

Depending on the platform chosen, API integrations, or other third-party services, you will likely encounter ongoing provider charges. Most of these charges are usage charges or variable to the number of subscribers on your bot. With our managed service packages, you get the convenience of 1 single bill for your whole bot maintenance per month.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Depending on which package you purchased, and whether it includes our managed services determines if you can change or update your order. If we have not yet started on your build, we will assess a 10% penalty and refund you the difference.

How can chatbots help my business?

Chatbots can do almost anything you can think. We have been able to automate sales funnel, automatically generate and qualify leads, subscribe users to your FB page and community, collect consumer research, drive more revenue with cart abandonment triggers and so much more. Overall, it’s the best if not one of the best marketing ROI decisions you can take for your business.

How are your chatbots made?

Chatbots are created using bot platforms that facilitate the technical part of development, although good chatbots are developed alongside other coding development languages.

Do you offer and discounts?

Each of our bots is priced at the best value for your business and for us to continue investing resources to produce top-quality chatbots for your business. We do offer pricing discounts for bulk builds, please contact us to scope our your project for a custom quote.

What payments do you accept?

When you are ready to get your build started, we accept transactions through Stripe, which helps keep transactions organized and your card information safe.

Will I own the chatbot at delivery?

Yes! We provide instructions for getting the chatbot into your preferred chatbot account or if you have purchased our managed services package, we can manage your bot maintenance for you. Either way, ultimately, the bot is yours.

Can I edit the chatbot after delivery?

Yea totally, upon delivery, you will be able to make any and all changes to your bot. If you wish to have our experts manage this, we offer affordable managed service packages to let you manage your business and not worry about the bot.

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