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Getting Your Team Ready for AI Integration

AI integration programs can sometimes make our employees a little nervous. While any type of change can be scary, especially when it comes to one’s livelihood, the most prevalent concern about AI initiatives is job security. Is a robot going to take my job? The simple answer to this is

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Three Foundational UX Design Principles for Chatbots

A chatbot’s job is the make everyone’s life a little bit easier. Of course, bots can make our teams more productive and more efficient by allowing them to focus on complex tasks, to work on sales-ready and qualified leads, and much more. At the end of the day, though, bots

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Charting the Chatbot Conversation

Building artificially intelligent chatbots can usher amazing new automation, insights, and ultimately revenues for your business ventures. So… times wasting, let’s get to building! Right? Wrong. As with any other project, particularly those technical in nature, finding the balance between the deploy and learn approach and one that is more

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How to Integrate Bots into Your Workforce

Building a custom chatbot or voice assistant certainly means that your employees will spend less time answering calls, providing routine customer support, scheduling appointments, or whatever other mundane tasks for which you’ve designed your bot. It does not, however, mean taking human involvement completely out of the equation. The optimal

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Welcome to Botveu

It’s an absolute pleasure to welcome you, and introduce Botveu in our first blog post. In this blog, we will be covering topics about the advances, applications, and impacts conversational AI has on our lives as consumers and business leaders. We will be documenting our experiences within this emerging field

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