Q. What is a chatbot?

A: Simply put, a chatbot automates interactions between your customers or audience and your brand. The programming coded in a chatbot "teaches" the bot to speak with and hold conversations, customized in intent, context, and personality, uniquely and in real-time, with humans.audiences. Pretty cool huh?

Q. who will own the chatbot?

A: We have found that our month-to-month plans are the most economical way for businesses to realize the benefits of AI and chatbot technology without spending many thousands of dollars in development costs, maintenance, and hosting. Our service plans are month-to-month, no contracts, you may cancel at any time. However, with this flexibility, we do retain ownership of the bot should you stop services.

Q. Will the bot understand user inputs?

A: All of our bots include natural language understanding and processing capabilities. This is a fancy way to say that it will understand, with the scope of your business, user-written inputs for conversation. Although guided, button-driven conversations are proven to be the best UX for chatbots, having a chatbot that can process and understand written language is a critically important capability for any chatbot worthy of supporting and representing your brand. 

Q. Can I edit the bot after it is deployed?

A: Yes, absolutely! This is largely the reason why all our plans include some level of ongoing "teaching" or development. A chatbot is only as smart as what you teach it - not this tech is not a self-learning system like in the movies. This requires an ongoing review of the chat logs, analysis of user conversations with the chatbot, and an assessment if and how to continue adding to the manageable use cases the bot can support. This process is the secret that separates cheap template bots from amazing bots to drive results. 

Increase Sales Production

Get qualified leads using automation through smart AI that saves you time and keeps your sales time productive

Conversations Drive Engagement

Drive Brand Engagement

A new way to engage your audience in the way they want to be engaged with relevant content they will value

Improve Customer Experince

Give your customers the immediate support they need, when they want it, with the consistently high-quality service they expect

Chatbots help your business achieve scale without sacrificing quality across all areas of your business


Agency Owner

"The team was very professional and knowledgeable. They created the right solution that helped grow our qualified lead lists and speed up our close times." 

Others Success Stories


Non-Profit Owner

"The bots are now an extension of my team. We now can expand our reach to members, keeping them engaged and informed easier than email."



"I used to spend hours on repetitive questions to homebuyers, usually through text. Now, the bot takes care of it all, leaving me more time for real deals."


Automate customer service FAQs and keep your agents handling the more complex customer requests

Our BotFolio 


A unique concierge experience for guests which can help drive brand engagement, loyalty, and higher per guest revenues


Keep your festival attendees aware of news and drive ticket sales all through a rich media, chat experience


Keep members informed of association news, conduct surveys, answer questions and support recruitment


Improve your patient experience automating scheduling reminders all while informing them of new practice offers


Get qualified leads with all the information you need, synced with your CRM, helping you increase sales productivity

​​​​​​​Customized Service Plans

All our plans are billing month-to-month, no contract

All orders are built custom, avg. lead time 2 weeks
Bots plans are built for FB Messenger using Chatfuel PRO

10,000 subscriber packages charged ad-hoc
Additional options available and deployed on a per-project basis



Custom chatbot for Facebook and your website

5 hours of continued development per month to "teach" your bot

Access to chatbot dashboard to view and track subscribers

Up to 4,000 subscribers



Custom chatbot for Facebook

2 hours continued development per month to "teach" your bot

 48 hour guaranteed SLA support for any questions




Custom chatbot for Facebook, your website, and landing pages

8 hours of continued development per month to "teach" your bot

Access to chatbot dashboard to view and track subscribers

Up to 10,000 subscribers

Access to BotVeu Slack Workspace for fastest support times


Customer Experience Powered by AI​​​​​​​

Why Us?

Analytics Dashboard

A customized dashboard  keeps you a log of chats and insights for new content

Success Strategy

A chatbot is one piece of a larger growth strategy, which we design for each client

Experienced Devs

Our team of certified chatbot consultants are experts in this new cutting edge field

Case Study
Music Cruise Charter 

This cruise charter veteran with over 15 years sailing the world's premier electronic music cruise, amongst 5 other cruise concepts, grew an exceptional customer following. This success placed a great demand on their customer support agents which handled sales, inquiries, affiliate partner support, and a range of other tasks. The operations were bursting at the seams with omnichannel interactions, particularly during peak hours and after business hours. Adding more agents was not an option but capacity was needed to achieve the desired level of customer value.

78% Automation

The results increased the capacity of the service team by three-fold and automated 78% of all inbound inquiries entirely. More customers received the right and relevant answers to their questions, in real-time, when they needed them (late hours of the night). This increased agent morale as they were now was working on more important and complex customer requests. Over $105K savings realized for future growth projects, and the company went on to post the highest attendance rates in their storied history.

 We were skeptical at first to hear that a technology could help us tackle the unique challenges of our business. It sounded weird to think our guests would be chatting with a bot. Afterward, we were thoroughly impressed unto how much we were able to get done having this a chatbot support our operations by answering the first-tier questions that guests always asked via our live chat and FB messages. Our guest experience is now seamlessly integrated with our AI, our guest experience has never been better, and we now fully embraced AI technology.

Karen - VP of Customer Experience

Our Promise

We promise that you will find our chatbot solutions to meet your standards. We are so confident in our offer, we provide a money-back guarantee eligible after the first month. This is literally a zero-risk opportunity for your business to embrace us are your new AI partner.

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